01 november - 04 november

Brussels Beer Challenge (Mechelen BE)

In 2017, Namur became the hoppy and malty epicenter of the world’s most passionate brewers, when the city hosted the sixth edition of the Brussels Beer Challenge. 1500 different beers from 40 countries around the world were tasted by 85 international experts.

The city of Mechelen hosts the Brussels Beer Challenge 2018. The Challenge finally brought to Belgium a prominent international competition. Although there are already acclaimed competitions elsewhere, it was only fitting that Belgium should offer brewers across the globe a representative, yet independent trade venue to compete against one another.

Award-winning beers from the Brussels Beer Challenge benefit from media exposure and international recognition. These awards are a powerful marketing tool paving the way for future development.

Lamot Congrescentrum Mechelen, Van Beethovenstraat 8-10


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